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Grand Solutions S.A. is a dynamic company, offering integrated consulting services. Grand Solutions, was established in June 2000 under the name of “Grant Thornton Consulting S.A.” and was renamed in 2007. The company offers integrated services in Accounting, Tax, Payroll and Human Resources Management. Its clientele includes greek and foreign SMEs and large companies regardless of industry and legal form, as well as public legal entities.

In addition, the company offers its services to individuals (freelancers, employees, pensioners), regarding tax issues, pension issues, etc. Moreover, the company operates legally as a Recruitment agency since 2008.

Grand Solutions’ goal is to support its clients’ needs, implement reliable and viable solutions and ensure the impeccable operation of businesses. The Company’s high-quality services are based on our organization, as well as investment in human resources and information technology.

The effectiveness of our services is guaranteed by both our experience in the greek and international market as well as the use of all resources available through an extended network of many professional experts.

Our clients, with the exception of individuals, come from all sectors of greek and foreign market (e.g. retail, wholesale, banks, industries, R&D etc). Their trust in Grand Solutions has been vital to our success as we are always close to them offering the best possible solutions with high professionalism and responsibility.

Grand Solutions currently employs 15 professionals who work in a creative and dynamic environment.

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