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Interview advice

An interview is one of the most important methods of personnel selection as the candidate has the opportunity to present his knowledge, working experience, personality and communication skills to his prospective employer. It is a very important meeting and for this reason you should be well prepared in order to increase your confidence and reach closer to your goal, which is no other than your hiring!

You may find below some useful advice:

  • Thoroughly study your curriculum vitae and be sure that you can respond to any question concerning specific points (e.g. previous roles, reasons you left previous jobs, etc.)
  • Spend some time doing research through available media, such as the internet, on the position you are being interviewed for, the company and the business. When possible, collect information about the size of the company, the number of employees, its products etc.
  • Make sure that you arrive 5-10 minutes before the interview. In case you are unable to attend the meeting or you are delayed, inform the interviewer on time
  • Apply professional dress code, smile sincerely and give a warm and firm handshake
  • Express your interest and enthusiasm about the position you are applying for
  • Be prepared to answer why you want to work in this position and what you can offer to the company
  • Listen carefully to the interviewer. If you do not understand a question, ask him/her to repeat it
  • Ask questions about the job and the company. It is a great chance to show that you are really interested in the job!
  • Ask politely to be informed of the next step of the recruitment process

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